What kind of whisky collector are you? Whisky Talks

Is collecting good or bad? Is it even that simple? Are you a collector? Comment below please lets get the conversation started on this, I really want to know your opinions! This video took me ages to make, not because it’s full of cool b-roll or fantastically edited. None of that in fact. It’s just been praying on my mind and when I tried to film it a couple of times before it just didn’t quite come together. It’s still a bit of an internal battle but I think I know where I stand now…do you? PS – I have no idea what Ralfy thinks about whisky collecting or hoarding in particular. He might think it was a shame or have a huge stash himself, I don’t really know, I just thought it would be funny to have him scream like a girl at the thought! Ralfy if you watch this let us know your stance on it.

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